Launch Team - Race to Best-Seller

In this module you will learn about some techniques to help you reach best-selling status. Every book I have ever published has reached best-selling and or international best-selling status. Have this badge to place on your cover helps add credibility to the book, you and your work.

Here are some email templates to use for asking people to be on your launch team, sending your advanced reader copy (ARC), reminder emails, and instructions for launch day. Be sure to insert your personal information (their name, your name, and your book title), and feel free to change it up to personalize them if you'd like. You can easily copy and paste into your email.

Launch Team Invite

Launch Team ARC & reminder emails

Launch Team- Launch Day!

All templates were create by Shanda Trofe

It’s really important to understand and abide by Amazon’s review policy. A couple of important things to understand;

1. An author cannot leave a review for their own book. This means if you are part of a compilation book with several authors, you cannot be on each other launch team or leave a book review. 

2. Amazon wants honest reviews, therefore if they find you are close friends and family with the person leaving the review it may not be approved. I am not sure how they would know other than the obvious of having the same last name and/or if the reviewer states they are a close friend or relative.