Creating Marketing Images

Having great marketing images play a very important role in marketing your book. They should look clean and professional. You can pay a designer, or you can learn to do it yourself.

If you do not have a 3D image of your book, I highly recommend you start with getting or creating one with a transparent (.png file) background so you can add the image to any marketing material you want to create.

Want to create your own 3D Book cover? Make sure you have the front, back, and spine JPEG files of your book cover and here are some options:

1.     Book Brush

2.     DIY Book Covers

3.     Adazing

4.     For eBooks- Dunnnk

5.     Smartmockups

There are many wonderful apps you can create beautiful images right from your phone.


Red Stamp

Design Lab

For creating a variety of marketing images, I often use Canva on my computer.

To access a variety of commonly used author/book marketing images with transparent backgrounds click here